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General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Hello everyone, I am Dr.Siddharthan R. I extend my warm greetings and welcome you all to my sphere of HEALING -The HEALioSPHERE, where I have incorporated and visualized the concept of HEALTH to that of the protection offered by our very own SUN'S HELIOSPHERE whose limits of its boundaries are still beyond human reach. Set your course of journey towards HEALioSPHERE HEALTHCARE. Opt for online Surgical Consultation at  HEALioSPHERE virtual clinics  to remain within the realms of its Protective Shield.

         I pursued my M.B.B.S in MADRAS MEDICAL COLLEGE and graduated in the year 2013.I went on to pursue my Masters in General Surgery in COIMBATORE MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL and have also completed my Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery in the year 2017. From then on, I have worked with corporate giants of International standards like Fortis, Apollo and Sakra World Hospitals honing my skills as a Laparoscopic surgeon. My ultimate goal is achieving the highest healthcarte standards possible and raise our level of care and treatment at every given opportunity. I strongly believe in wholesome healthcare and wish you all Great Health and Great Success.​

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are limited to offering services at a virtual level. We are soon to maximize our reach by setting up Physical Clinics, where the treatment will be at a quintessential level offering holistic and exceptional services