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COVID-19, A Litmus test for Humanity

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

A Pandemic which has affected almost 3 million and claimed nearly 2 lakh deaths is tormenting our livelihood and shattering our economy. Now is the time, we need to stand united and encourage each other to follow conducive behavioural patterns ,social distancing protocols and most importantly, to not lose Hope. No doubt these are testing times for humanity, but the incident that occurred on the wee hours of April 20,2020 to the friends and family members of Dr.Simon Hercules, a reputed Neurosurgeon in Chennai, is beyond barbaric and highly condemnable.

While actually, the norm on any other non-COVID day would be support and empathy from the public during the last rights of a person, it is hard to imagine when we are suddenly ambushed by a group of mobsters, thronging together like swarm of bees and pelting stones at us. That was the sad plight of Dr.Simon Hercules's kith and kin. What occurred to them could lead them to a swirl of intense trepidation and tribulation for the rest of their lives. The worst part is, those mobsters not only turn out to harbour the viruses, but also propagate the virus in a multitude of directions, serving as potential hotspots to the rest of the mankind.

William Shakespeare once said that ,"Ignorance is the curse of God. Knowledge is the wings where with we fly to Heaven". Nincompoops attacking and harassing doctors , amounts to breaking the wings of our own flight that we are all travelling in. If this stupidity continues, we are all destined to fall. The entire humanity will be in danger if all the healthcare professionals start losing their faith and purpose.

To conclude, I firmly believe that we should stop antagonising each other and all sorts of inhumane acts should be reprimanded severely. We are all part of the same ecosystem and "NOW" is the most important time to stay together in harmony, only then we will have a better chance at Survival. Stay calm and confident, we've got this and there shall be Light at the end of the tunnel. All we need is Patience and strict adherence to social distancing protocols , hand washing etiquettes, eating nutritious food and abundant Positivity.

With lots of love,


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